Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two times Tuesday!

Yay for Dominos and all their pizza glory! I still prefer their chicken kickers, but then again I prefer chicken to just about anything!

So anyways, here I sit on this wonderful Tuesday morning, waiting for WH to call on lunch. And I have a killer sinius headache! Yay me.

I went to see my mother yesterday. Who would have thought that with everything going on with my father that I could turn to her. Thats a huge shock! Nither one of them were really there for me when I was younger. The only ones I really remember are my sisters. So why all of a sudden is she trying to actually be a mother? I wonder if its because that she knows that it hurts me more knowing that he doesnt really care about me then it does her? Or maybe because shes just putting on a face cause WH is in the picture?? Who knows... shes a crazy woman and always will be! You know how people say, "take a good look at your mother, cause you will be just like her when you get to her age." That makes me want to scream at them, well then someone put me in a home when I get that old. The thought of turning into anything like my mother scares the shit out of me! I really wish I could say, that Im making all of this up and shes the greatest mom in the whole world. But then Id be lying, and thats something I really hate doing!

So here it is not even 11:00am yet and I have done 2 loads of laundry! Im actually very proud of myself!

Just keep hoping that everything will work out sooner rather than later. And we will have the good truck fixed by this time next week!!!

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