Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday, Friday, Friday!

Ahh can I just say Friday one more time? ok Friday! (yeah yeah that was 2 times but its friday(now 3) and I adore Fridays(now 4)!! WH is home for 2 whole days, but sadly I will be gone all day tomorrow. :(

But I get to go White Water Rafting! Im not so sure what all will happen to us, and well Im nervous. Im pretty sure something like that>>> will happen and Ill drown, or something to that affect... maybe! I know I'm being irrational, but hey that's me! I have never done it before and new things scare me. But my sisters will be there and so will Mama D! And Mama D is a bigger chicken than I am. So I think I'm pretty much safe if she is going! Oh and we are going to Red Lobster to eat before we come back home, that makes me really happy! I love their crab legs, and the calamari! YUM YUM YUM! Makes me hungry just thinking about it!

Well in other news... me and my father had a falling out. If to long of a story and to painful to tell right now. But I will tell I promise! So I honestly don't know where to go from here with him. I'm really mad! No mad is not the word, super pissed is more like it! But still that's not the right one either. To make a long story short he chose a nasty, skanky, slutty, whore over his own daughter. His house is suppost to be my house too ya know, and he sat right there and let her talk to me like a damn dog. So I'm done. Like I said I promise I will tell y'all the whole story, but right now just thinking about it really pisses me off!

Oh and if you haven't watched Transformers 2 yet, what the hell are you waiting on??? It was amazing!!!! I loved it. I loves it more than the first one!!! After WH got off work the day all hell hit the fan he took me out to see it. AHH-MAZING! I loved it, but I said that already!

So Everyone have a great weekend, I probably wont be on here tomorrow since we are leaving at the crack ass of dawn! But I promise I will be here on Sunday to tell everyone how my trip went!

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