Thursday, August 27, 2009

I can tell September is coming!

My allergies are kicking my ass! And if they were kicking it any harder Id have to file assault charges against them! Oh My God! First I wake up with a little bit of a sore throat. No biggie! Then here comes the sinus drainage, yet again no biggie. But with in the last hour I have had a sinus headache with sinus pressure to boot that makes me feel like Ive shoved something up my nose! So right now I'm trying to find out what I can and cant not take for my allergies. I had a huge print out of the most common symptoms and the things you can take, but I have sadly filed it away with other baby stuff(my moms obsessed with scrapbooks)!

Some Randomness as usual!

Me and KAM went to Wal.mart with her mama and little sister yesterday. While her mom and little sister were shopping we went to look at some baby stuff and some things for her wedding. I found the cutest little jumper for a boy, it says "daddy's little handyman" across the front, and it looks like it has a little tool belt across the belly! Too Cute! Oh and for a girl I found the cutest little shoes for her and some Little Mermaid PJs! Too cute!!

I cant wait for October to get here, I really want to know what it is already!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Penis or Va-Jay-Jay

Personally I'm so hoping for a boy! There are a ton of girls in my family(4 girls with 2 boys, plus 3 nieces, plus 8 aunts and only 4 uncles) and Id love to have a bouncing baby boy. But what wins out is a healthy baby! If I have a girl that's less clothes Ill have to buy because of my big sisters baby girl. And I don't think Id worry so much about her getting someone pregnant as opposed to her getting knocked up. So there are perks.

In other news. I still have abnormal cells on my cervix, theres three main regions that need to be tested but have to wait until the baby comes. And after that I can go back to the same doctor to see if anything is cancerous. As long as they don't but that crap on my cervix again I think Ill be OK. Cause let me tell you that was NOT a very pleasant doctor visit. For one I got to see what the inside of my own Vagina looks like. Not really something I ever wanted to see. Then afterwards was the pain. O-M-G! I don't think I have ever, ever experienced pain like that. Not even when I hyper-extended my fingers and caused a hairlined crack in my knuckle. Not even when I tore some ligaments in my right shoulder(still have yet to get that fixed). And not even when I wrecked my four wheeler flipping it on top of me! These cramps were a nightmare. No a nightmares nightmare!! I was doubled over in pain in the middle of the grocery store! So not fun!

Oh and my lower back/ hip joint pain is only going to get worse. I talked to my doctor about it and the doctor says that it shouldn't really be happening this early in my pregnancy, but since it is there are some stretches I can try to do to ease the pain, and more than likely the pain will get worse the closer I get to delivery! Just my luck.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tired and pool time!

OK so good news for today... other than my not eating as quickly as my little bundle feels I should and getting sick because of it I have felt really good so far today!


So today Keylin was at my dads. I haven't introduced him yet. So I will. Hes amazing. He will be 10 months old on the 24Th of this month. I was there when he was born and almost cut the umbilical cord(his dad was never there, and his mom lived with my dad cause shes a ho who had no where to go when she was knocked up and we made nice with each other). I love that kid. If push came to shove I would kidnap him in a heartbeat gladly take him off his ungrateful druggie mothers hands! I know that sounds harsh and all of you moms out there are probably thinking daggers at me for calling this lady a bad mother. Let me explain. She smokes pot and drives with her baby, she also snorts pills up her nose and drives with her baby. She took her baby off formula because it costs to much, now only gets whole milk or Mt. Dew(unless hes with me!) And YES YES YES I have called social services on her, and NOTHING was done. They came to her house took a peek at the kid said everything looked fine and left did a investigation on "her" and nothing showed up! Its so frustrating knowing that she doesn't take care of him like she should. Needless to say I gladly take him whenever she needs some time to do whatever.

OK on with the pool story. And I have pictures.

I'm pregnant. I get hot. I get hot really easily. It was over 90 degrees today with over 50% humidity. Its currently 86.7 degrees and 46% humidity. Needless to say it was a hot one for my town today!! So I talked my dad to buying a kiddie pool for Me Keylin so he could keep cool while we watched him today! He absolutely loved it!! We played for over an hour in our little pool. I had a blast and so did it.

It was an amazing day!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Weird Sleep

OK I know you have crazy dreams when your prego. But no one ever clued me in on almost none of them making sense. Last nights however made perfect sense. I don't EVER want my baby to be kidnapped, and I will kick anyones ass who does, and if your a certain girl who Ill just call cornfield and you come anywhere near my baby I'm going to scream! Okie Dokie!


OK I know most of your are going WTF is she talking about. So Ill explain. In my dream my darling little baby got kidnapped at the grocery store... along with all my groceries. Cornfield was the one who took my baby, along with one of her nasty men. And to make it worse she was BREASTFEEDING MY BABY! But I got my little one back because WH kicked some serious ass!

I hope no more dreams like that. I much prefer the ones where they make no sense!

In other news.. I'm still having morning sickness problems. I know certain things will make me feel sick, but no one ever said that just the thought of something will make me puke my guts up! And no one ever told me that nausea can last 24/7 or that you can puke when you havent eaten or drank anything! YUCK! But its so worth it. In a few short months I get to see my little one and I know Ill forget everything that was bad about bring him/her into this world. Maybe thats why no one told me... they all forgot!