Friday, September 18, 2009

YaY for being one of the special cases!

Im 16 weeks and 1 day today. Since I was about 10 weeks maybe 9 weeks, I have been having ALOT of lower back pain, and even some sciatic nerve pain. I know, I know.. Im to early for this.. so says my ENTIRE FAMILY! I talk to the OB doc and he tells me that if it keeps up Im going to have to go to physical therapy. Next visit comes up, and I tell them the pain is still her and getting a little worse. So Now I got to Physical therapy 3 days a week!!

My first visit the doc sits a heating pad on my back for about 30 mins. Then I got to lay on my side and get a wonderful back rub plus a few mins to stretch my hips out just alittle.

My second visit. Different doc but this one was way nicer. Same thing as before, kinda. I got the heating pad, and the back rub. But as he was stretching me out he felt a knot in the lower back, two of them actually, and proceeds to tell me that they are indeed knotted muscles and he will try to help work them out while I was there, but cant do it all at once cause Id be in so serious pain. Oh and that Im falling apart with all my joints cracking and popping as he moved me around.

My third day was much like the day before. Heating pad, rub down, laughing at how many times my joints crack, etc. My joints are already really limber, actually my physical therapist said today "yeah I can manipulate all of these joints and I shouldn't be able to do that yet. Its to early in your pregnancy!"

Yay me. NOT!

Then to top it off as he was stretching me out my hip did what I used to think was normal, and pop seemingly out of place and the doc felt it. And confirmed that it is indeed trying to pop out! He told me I was going to be a complicated case, but at least Im not annoying like some are. LMAO! Im glad Im not annoying to you to doc!

Oh and I think I felt the baby move for the first time today. Like actual movement. It felt like a flutter in my lower abdomen. But then again it could have been gas?! I really dont know yet.