Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two times Tuesday!

Yay for Dominos and all their pizza glory! I still prefer their chicken kickers, but then again I prefer chicken to just about anything!

So anyways, here I sit on this wonderful Tuesday morning, waiting for WH to call on lunch. And I have a killer sinius headache! Yay me.

I went to see my mother yesterday. Who would have thought that with everything going on with my father that I could turn to her. Thats a huge shock! Nither one of them were really there for me when I was younger. The only ones I really remember are my sisters. So why all of a sudden is she trying to actually be a mother? I wonder if its because that she knows that it hurts me more knowing that he doesnt really care about me then it does her? Or maybe because shes just putting on a face cause WH is in the picture?? Who knows... shes a crazy woman and always will be! You know how people say, "take a good look at your mother, cause you will be just like her when you get to her age." That makes me want to scream at them, well then someone put me in a home when I get that old. The thought of turning into anything like my mother scares the shit out of me! I really wish I could say, that Im making all of this up and shes the greatest mom in the whole world. But then Id be lying, and thats something I really hate doing!

So here it is not even 11:00am yet and I have done 2 loads of laundry! Im actually very proud of myself!

Just keep hoping that everything will work out sooner rather than later. And we will have the good truck fixed by this time next week!!!

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Monday, June 29, 2009

What a rush!

So I'm finally back from White Water Rafting, and I loved it. I love, love, love, love, loved it! It was so amazing that us girls are planning on going back before the end of summer and bringing the boys with us. Even Mama D loved it. Emmy and Nay sat in the front, and then it was me and Beck, and then 2 guys from Louisiana, and then Mama D and the guide! The only thing that sucks is my my lower back muscles hurt from where they are never used, and so do my shoulders but they are damaged goods anyways. And my lower abdomen it felt like I had done 100 crunches! And my left but cheek. I know that sounds weird, but let me explain! You know how if you put pressure on lets say your elbow for a long period of time, like you resting your head on it and it starts hurting, well that's kind the way my cheek feels. Like a deep tissue bruise! I know I'm whining like a baby, but it was so worth it! Ill have more pictures up whenever Emmy can figure out how to get the pictures off the disk we bought down there, and theres a bonus video of us too.. so lets just hope it works and yall can see it!

In other news, I think I have found the perfect place for us to rent. Our current situation with out roommates is getting crazy and I want out. Plus being by ourselves may make for a better relationship. We have been fighting a lot here lately, but I think that's cause of PMS, and me being so stressed out about our situation! But anyways, its a 2 bedroom one bathroom trailer, in a great quite neighborhood. Its not to far away from everything, and it has a backyard for Karmin to play in! Which makes me really happy. I'm going to call today and ask if we can come and look at the inside of it. Oh yeah, water and garbage is included in the rent. Which is good news for us! Hopefully I'll be able to find me a good job, or WH gets hired on full time so we know we are 100% financially stable! Which us luck. We really need it right now!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


I can not wait for these movies to come out!!

New Moon, Im so excited!!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Im a dork I know!

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Public Enemies

The Ugly Truth

Sherlock Holmes


I Love You, Beth Cooper

Planet 51

Friday, Friday, Friday!

Ahh can I just say Friday one more time? ok Friday! (yeah yeah that was 2 times but its friday(now 3) and I adore Fridays(now 4)!! WH is home for 2 whole days, but sadly I will be gone all day tomorrow. :(

But I get to go White Water Rafting! Im not so sure what all will happen to us, and well Im nervous. Im pretty sure something like that>>> will happen and Ill drown, or something to that affect... maybe! I know I'm being irrational, but hey that's me! I have never done it before and new things scare me. But my sisters will be there and so will Mama D! And Mama D is a bigger chicken than I am. So I think I'm pretty much safe if she is going! Oh and we are going to Red Lobster to eat before we come back home, that makes me really happy! I love their crab legs, and the calamari! YUM YUM YUM! Makes me hungry just thinking about it!

Well in other news... me and my father had a falling out. If to long of a story and to painful to tell right now. But I will tell I promise! So I honestly don't know where to go from here with him. I'm really mad! No mad is not the word, super pissed is more like it! But still that's not the right one either. To make a long story short he chose a nasty, skanky, slutty, whore over his own daughter. His house is suppost to be my house too ya know, and he sat right there and let her talk to me like a damn dog. So I'm done. Like I said I promise I will tell y'all the whole story, but right now just thinking about it really pisses me off!

Oh and if you haven't watched Transformers 2 yet, what the hell are you waiting on??? It was amazing!!!! I loved it. I loves it more than the first one!!! After WH got off work the day all hell hit the fan he took me out to see it. AHH-MAZING! I loved it, but I said that already!

So Everyone have a great weekend, I probably wont be on here tomorrow since we are leaving at the crack ass of dawn! But I promise I will be here on Sunday to tell everyone how my trip went!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pictures of Karmin!

Since I just got done uploading pictures to the computer I figured Id share some new ones of Karmin with you!

75 Things about me

I stole this from Strawberry Ruckus, shes todays FB at SITS! I loved it, and thought I would do my own! PS you should so go check out her blog at http://ryanandkatie.blogspot.com/

1. I come from a big family, Im the 2nd youngest of 6. Unless you count the kids from my dads other marriages that I never see or talk to, then Im the 2nd youngest of 11!

2. I LOVE ranch dressing! I eat it on everything! I love it on pizza, chicken, potatoes, etc.

3. I want to get a pet cat. I dont know why but I do. But sadly I cant cause Im allergic... stupid cats!

4. I collect Little Mermaid stuff. And I have ALOT of her stuff. I have loved her since I was little and still do.

5. WH Sleeps on a pillow that a a Little Memaid slip on it! Thats love right there people! LOL

6. I hate rude people. I feel really sorry when people are mean to "food service workers" aka people that work at Micky Ds, or BK, or Wendys. Someone has to work there, so be nice! I usually apologize to them if the person in front of me is rude!

7. I let people walk all over me. But Im getting better at standing up for myself.

8. I am a blog stalker. I cant help it. I love to read peoples blog and see whats going on in their life. Sometimes life gets so crazy you forget that other people are going thru things too!

9. I love to take pictures, but seem to always forget to bring my camera!

10. I dont mind doing laundry, and I dont mind putting it away. Its the folding I hate.

11. I LOATHE doing dishes. I know its not enviromentally friendly, but I would rather eat off paper plates than have to wash dishes. PS I have a dish washer that doesnt work... grrrr...

12. I love to play videogames! So does WH. Its one of the many things we do together!

13. I am a myspace addict. I hate to admit it but I am. I could people surf all say long, and usually do. Unless Im reading blogs!

14. I have the biggest feet of any female in my family. Granny wore like a 4, Emmy wears a 6 or a 7, Beck wears like a 6.5, Nay wears like a 5.5 or 6, mom wears like a 5 or 6, and me.. well I wear a 9 sometimes a 10! Where did my huge feet come from????

15. I dont really look forward to my birthday. Its shared with the World Chicken Festival, and most of you think we are crazy for having a festival about chicken.. well heres a HUGE clue about where I live... our county had the first ever KFC in it! Its where Col. Sanders was from. Yay us! (PS I hate the chicken festival)

16. I support gay marriage, and gay rights. So hate me if you want its my choice!

17. Im pro-life. I guess its cause I look out into the world and I see so many people who want kids but can never have any, while others just throw thiers away. I dont think its very fair! But hey thats my opinion feel free to have your own. Just dont bash mine, Im not bashing yours!

18. I love Ellen DeGeneres! I love her talk show. I love her books. And dang does she look good for a woman over 50! And yes she is over 50, her birthday is January 26, 1958!

19. I love peanut butter!

20. I have trust issues because of past relationships. I have been cheated on more times than I can count! Thankfully WH has broken the cycle and showed me that I dont have to settle for 2nd best!

21. I love history. I watch the History Channel all the time!

22. I also love science, and watch the Discovery channels(ya know Discovery heath, Regular Discovery... etc) all the time!

23. I was in band when I was in high school. I played flute, and did colorguard when it was marching season. And yes I am still a band geek, and no, nothing ever happened at band camp... well atleast not to me!

24. I love movies. I love going to see them. I love watching them!

25. I love to cook. I do it all the time for WH.

26. I love to read! Right now my fix is on Twilight and the House of Night books. As soon as I can afford it Im getting more books. Plus it lets WH have his man time while I read... ps man time is when he watches Gundam on the computer... like i have said before, if you dont know what that is you are lucky!!

27. I love McDonalds Sweet Tea with 6 lemons. Yes know thats crazy... but 5 lemons dont make it lemony enough, and 7 makes it too lemony! MWW thinks Im crazy for this, and KAM agrees, but still when we go out we have a good laugh at the "food service worker" who hears 6 lemons and thier mouth drops!

28. I love the colors blue and brown together.

29. I have asthma, and usually have an asthma attack everytime I cry really hard.

30. I love to go fourwheeling, and fishing!

31. I like my spaghetti with pasta and sauce and parm cheese only. I dont like meat in it! Oh and extra garlic bread please!

32. I think its cute when my dog has to go potty and she gets my attention by comming over to me and laying her head donw on me and whineing a little. But usually she head buts me or steps on me!

33. I love breakfast. I could eat it for every meal of the day, all day! I really love hashbrowns with cheese, and scrambled eggs with ketchep and grape jelly... weird I know, and no Im not prego, I have just been eating my eggs like that for years!

34. I make fun of WH for being such a closet geek! He can name off all of the Transformers, and some that arent on the movie but are on the show. He can tell me things about older tv shows that I dont remember (hes 4 years older) or dont bother remembering. He can beat me at every videogame except Guitar hero! And he actually listens to me when I talk about Twilight, and H.O.N! But I wouldnt have him anyother way! Im such a lucky girl!

35. I love to watch football!.

36. Im accident prone. I can trip over my own feet on a flat surface! Needless to say I have many many scars!

37. I dont like it when I go out of my way to be nice to someone and they dont acknowledge it, or ingore it!!

38. I love sherbert. But Baskin Robbins has my favorite Icecream ever!

39. I hate icing on a cake, unless its cream cheese or whipped cream. If its not those two it makes me sick!

40. I love brownies!

41. I adore cheese cake, and Im pretty sure its going to be my wedding cake!!

42. I wish I knew how to tell fake friends from real ones. But Im getting closer to weeding out all the bad ones!

43. I love the way WH smells when he first gets out of the shower.

44. Im not named after anyone in perticular. Emmy, Beck, and Nay are all named after family members!

45. I was suppost to be a boy when I was born. But SURPRISE! I was the 4th girl to come. my big brother wasnt happy.

46. I love Thanksgiving and Halloween.

47. I want another dog. WH wants a Mastiff or a St. Bernard. I want another Great Dane or a Yorkie.

48. I loved The Dinosaurs TV show when I was little. And I actually rented the seasons so I could watch it again!

49. We do not have a computer desk yet. Our other one broke, and was only being held up by the wall and some bricks. So it sits on the floor, and so do we to use it.

50. My dog still thinks she is a lap dog, even though she is a 7.5 month old great Dane!

51. I dont have a good relationship with my mother. I feel like she abandoned me when I was little. As she did with my other siblings. None of us have a good relationship with her. And my sisters pretty much raised me!

52. I lost my Grandma and my cousin in the same year. Needless to say '04 sucked!

53. I love sour candy.

54. I love fruits and veggies!

55. I wanted to be a vegertarian for awhile. But I love chicken to much to give it up. :(

56. I love girly things, even though Im so not girly!

57. Im going White Water Rafting in 2 days. LOL.

58. There is dog hair all over my bed, but since I have brown sheets the black hair kinda blends in..

59. I want to go to college and become a nurse. But Im scared of needles!

60. I need to go to the "women" doctor. I have never done it cause Im scared of people looking at and poking my hooha!

61. I took 6 science classes total in high school. I only needed 3 to graduate! I also took 4 math classes, and only needed 3 to graduate!

62. I honestly dont miss highschool.. at all! Its been almost 2 years since I graduated!

63. There are very few people that I actually HATE, and it takes alot to get me to hate you. But there are 3 people(girls) who have earned my hate. And since I hold grudges like no other. I have a feeling I will always hate them!!

64. I dont like people who use thier kids to get to other people. Its something that I honestly thing is stupid! And the women who say "oh so-and-so is my babys daddy" just to get money off of him, keep him around, make someone mad, etc. needs a good old fashioned ass whooping!

65. As you can probably tell I have been thru alot in my short 18 years(19 in september)! I dont think I would change any of it. Even the heartbreak. It has made me who I am today, and I actually am happy about where I am!

66. I love family get togethers!

67. I love to swim, but dont do it often enough!

68. I put everyone else before me. And sometimes dont think of what I need or want until I absoluetly have to!

69. I dont like to pick where I eat at.

70. I love The Secret Life of the American Teenager!

71. I also love to watch Bones, CSI, Criminal Minds, and House!

72. The first time I saw the ocean I was 15 years old, and I havent seen it since!

73. Im allergic to grass. If I sit in it I get these little red bumps on me in no time, and I start iching, and if someone mows the grass I get a stuffy nose, and sneeze and has a ton of sinus drainage!

74. I love to watch my dog sleep. I guess its because we almost lost her to parvo, that I dont take anything about her for granted.

75. I have been very few places, but the ones I have been to are pretty cool. I have been to NYC, Washington D.C, and Daytona Beach , Florida. Well atleast I think they are cool.

Tell me 5 random things about you!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Im on the verge

Of going crazy!

I cant sleep, and its pushing me toward some "help"(*cough cough* sleeping meds)! I hate the thought of taking anything, but I need some sleep! I'm so sick of staying up hours upon hours tired as can be but just cant fall asleep!! Its driving me nuts, let alone the fact that WH is about to suffocate me with a pillow if I don't quit waking him up to keep me entertained until I can go to sleep! Hes really not so happy about that.. and personally I think its funny!

Speaking of sleep, I think Karmin could sleep thru anything... unless I get up and move! I swear that dog sleeps all day long, and yes I am a bit jealous of the fact that she gets sleep and I don't! Just yesterday I was sitting on the couch watching TV and her big butt decides she needs the whole couch, so she proceeds to take her feet and push me off the couch. Shes done the same thing to my mother. Which is quite funny since my mother is not a dog person, and she really doesn't like big dogs... muahhahahah... so much for that Karmins huge, at 7 months she weighs like 75-80 lbs and is almost as tall as me when I stand her on her hind legs. Ahh the joys of having a part dog part - part horse for a pet! LOL!!

Anyways, since I'm pretty sure I wont be getting any sleep for awhile(I know I said drugs, but I barely take Advil for a headache) I guess that I'm going to brush up on some new recipes, and try to find some way to make the bed more comfortable. Cause I'm pretty sure that's what is causing all the sleepless nights!

Oh and only 1 more day till my sister turns 30! And only 3 more days till White Water Rafting.. WOOHOO! Plus that's one whole day of WH having the house to himself, but I'm pretty sure he will go hang out with Captain America and JimBo. And he can watch his dorky TV show without me griping about it, yay no Gundam for me.. and trust me if you don't know what it is your lucky!!!

PS I found a really cute picture of my sisters and myself at Becks baby shower. So I thought I would share the glory of it and my sisters big belly!

Nay, Beck, Emmy, and myself!
oh yea and baby Jessie in the belly!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Theres no place like home

Cue the Wizard of Oz music and my lovely sisters reciting the rest of that scene.

But seriously I am so glad to be back home. My how I have missed thee! One thing I have learned though, when I decided to have children I dont really want big age gaps. But I guess whatever happens right!?

Ok so for the funniest quote of my little trip to the in laws house. I have to give you the background story on it, Em is 4 years old. and she hates storms. The whole time I was over there it would storm off and on. So yesterday, during a really bad thunderstorm Em decides shes freaking out

Em: Im scared sissy
Me: Its ok hunny I wont let anything happen to you
Em: Well I dont see how you can protect me!
Me:*fighting back the laughter* Im sure that I can protect you
Em: *rolls eyes at me* Ohhhkay, if you say so... *proceeds to be attached to my hip/leg*

Ahhh so cute!
So all in all I had a good time, Karmin on the other hand slept most of the time because the girls think that she is a doll. And all I got from Karmin was the "how can you let them do this to me" look. Which made me laugh more. The good thing is Karmin knows shes very loved over there!

P.S. Im super excited for this comming weekend! I get to go white water rafting!!! Nay is turning 30 the 25th of this month. Or in 2 days! God love her! Shes stressing out about it. She orginally wanted to go skydiving, but since none of us jumped at the chance, Emmy said well what about indoor skydiving! Well they looked it up, and for about 5 mins, it costs over $40. Which according to her aint worth that! So she decided on white water rafting. So me, Emmy, Beck, and Nay are going saturday! And Captain America and JimBo get babysiting duty!

OH and I just found out that 2 more of my friends are getting married, and one more is having a baby! Yay for the baby boom in L-Town!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wont be on for a while

Im going to the FMIL house while her and FFIL are going out of state. Im going to be watching my 3 FSIL! Im excited! B. is 12 and shes more of the sit and watch tv all day. And then L. is 7 and I have a feeling I will be playing alot of house with her and Em. Em is 4 and so adorable! I bought some coloring books, chalk, and something else. I have it in a tote bag ready to go. Right now Im doing laundry!

I hate laundry!

I found some more cute pictures of Karmin!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Family, PMS, and Weight

So as of today my beautiful niece is 1 month old. How awsome is that! And might I add how beautiful is she!! I love her so much! And of course I love my other nieces too. I happen to have 2 other nieces, Hay-Bug and Tater-Bug! Hay is 11, and Tater is 13, soon to be 14 in Nov. Tater is also Jessie's big sister! What an age difference, but hey I guess it runs in the family, since all my siblings are 10+ years older than me. Well except my little brother, who swears that even though he is a year younger he is two years taller! WTF I know. But thats my family for ya! Ill post more pics of my crazy family as I get them. and trust me, there will be more. We have Fourth of July comming up, and that means HUGE cook-out at Daddy Randys. And lots of fun times to be captured on film, or in my case of SD memory card!
In other news, I havent been sleeping well lately. Like having been sleeping at all! I cant get comfortable anymore. I hate the new bed. It really sucks! So Im more irritable than usual. Thank God I have a great man that understands sometimes just walking away is really the best. Hell I think I started a fight last night cause he wouldnt go take a shower when I thought it was time to... I swear AF must be close! Yep just checked and its in 8 days. No wonder Im such a bitch! Yet again a huge thanks to God that he sent me a man that actually understands my weird mood swings, and all that craziness that comes with being a girl.
In other other news. I think I need to lose some weight. I checked my weight last night and its about 145 lbs. Yay me who has packed on about 20 lbs of extra weight in a year and some. Which I know isnt really a lot, but when your 5'2" like I am, 20 lbs is alot! Plus I have a new road map of strech marks on my thighs thanks to the lovely cycle of loseing the weight and gaining it right back. *sigh* The only downside to the weight loss is I lose my boobs, yet another *sigh* Oh well for now I guess Im just going to try to play with Karmin more, maybe me and Wh could go walking at night after he gets off work. And we could take the dog. Kill two birds with one stone! We will see how that goes! Wish me luck!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pulling Engines and Skanky girls, What a weekend!

So over the weekend I help my WH pull his engine out of his truck. OMG what was I thinking offering to help.. I know absolutely nothing about trucks. OK, well I can change/check my oil, and my tire, and put some gas in it, thats about it! I think I had a mental moment, and totally lost my mind. I helped forever, and then the usual me got bored, so I grabed a book and watched him finish unbolting everything while I read. Yay me for at least being there for him. Besides I think I mostly got in the way! After the thing was out and they, they being my grandpa and him, were putting it on the engine stand, I went back to the house. My part was finished, and I had to cook.

The day before yesterday.. Saturday I went and had a mini girls night/day. WH had one of his buddys over and he was suppost to be helping him pull the engine, as you can tell he didnt do crap but get in the way, but I digress. I went and hung out with KAM and her little sister. We swam and I made my wonderful Cream Cheese Cookies. Then ALJT came over cause her hubby was out with the guys and we proceeded to gossip about who we graduated with is prego, which is ALOT! My town is totally having a baby boom. Anyways, while we are gossiping(I was mostly listening... I already knew all of those who were named) KAM checked her myspace. A mutal friend of ours is dating the really skanky girl. Im not normally one to judge, but when she ruined my last relationship because she said that the guy I was with was her baby daddy and put me thru 9 months of hell, only to find out that he was a really shitty guy and totally NOT the dad! Now she is putting KAM thru the same thing(same baby.. she still doesnt know who the father is, its really really sad, I feel sorry for the poor little guy)! So she checked the guys myspace and he had a comment conversation between him and the skanky girl on there. it went something like:

Him: Whos Be***?

Her: Oh shes Hu***s grandmama, shes MWW mom. Yeah I know what your thinkin

Him:Oh, is he the dad?

Her: No. I told you that his dad doesnt come around, its best that way.

WTF. She just said N-O PERIOD! why the hell is she doing this to KAM, I know me and her havent always been like we are now, but WTF shes still my bestie, and probably will always be. I know what shes going thru, hello she did the same damn thing to be, but KAM is kinda lucky! She didnt have the whole waiting for the baby to be born to find out anything. Their DNA test will be done like the 25th of this month. Im so excited for them. I know its not her mans, hes to head over hills for KAM to have messed around. And like I said that girl is skanky. OH and to top it off, another mutual friend is getting tested by the same girl, on the same day. I gues Karma bite her in the ass!

Anyways Karmin did the CUTEST thing the other day, I was giving her a kiss and I took a picture while I was doing it and she made the funniest face.

I swear she loves her mamas kisses, even though this doesnt show it! LOL

Friday, June 12, 2009

First post

So like I said, I'm from an annoyingly small town in Kentucky. And just in case your wondering, yes I love me some fried chicken. hehe.
At this moment in my life there is nothing going on that huge. I mean me and my man, Ill call him my WH-wonderful honey, are doing great and going strong. I love him more now than I did in the beginning, and I just grow to love him more and more each day. Yeah, yeah, yeah... I'm young, and dumb and don't know what I'm talking about.. heard it all before people. And I have done my fair share of stressing out if hes the one or not. Last time I just figured I was with the one, JBC, and was about to get married, FYI I would be getting married tomorrow if his dumb ass hadn't cheated and knocked up that other chick, stupid him for having sex with someone else! Well I got smart and I got rid of him.
Here I am with WH and I couldn't be happier. I remind him weekly that he could, and probably should try to find someone better. But he just gives me his wonderful smile, and tells me that there's no need for that, he loves me and that's all he really cares about. *sigh* I love him. And I really love the fact that he pus up with my P.M.D.D. or P.P.M.S as he likes to call it, which stands for permanent PMS. Cant ya tell he loves me so much! Anyways.. all is well here in my small ass town. Wait, I forgot to tell you the huge news, we got a new Italian restaurant.. yay us.

God love my small town, and my WH, I don't know what I would do without him!