Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Family, PMS, and Weight

So as of today my beautiful niece is 1 month old. How awsome is that! And might I add how beautiful is she!! I love her so much! And of course I love my other nieces too. I happen to have 2 other nieces, Hay-Bug and Tater-Bug! Hay is 11, and Tater is 13, soon to be 14 in Nov. Tater is also Jessie's big sister! What an age difference, but hey I guess it runs in the family, since all my siblings are 10+ years older than me. Well except my little brother, who swears that even though he is a year younger he is two years taller! WTF I know. But thats my family for ya! Ill post more pics of my crazy family as I get them. and trust me, there will be more. We have Fourth of July comming up, and that means HUGE cook-out at Daddy Randys. And lots of fun times to be captured on film, or in my case of SD memory card!
In other news, I havent been sleeping well lately. Like having been sleeping at all! I cant get comfortable anymore. I hate the new bed. It really sucks! So Im more irritable than usual. Thank God I have a great man that understands sometimes just walking away is really the best. Hell I think I started a fight last night cause he wouldnt go take a shower when I thought it was time to... I swear AF must be close! Yep just checked and its in 8 days. No wonder Im such a bitch! Yet again a huge thanks to God that he sent me a man that actually understands my weird mood swings, and all that craziness that comes with being a girl.
In other other news. I think I need to lose some weight. I checked my weight last night and its about 145 lbs. Yay me who has packed on about 20 lbs of extra weight in a year and some. Which I know isnt really a lot, but when your 5'2" like I am, 20 lbs is alot! Plus I have a new road map of strech marks on my thighs thanks to the lovely cycle of loseing the weight and gaining it right back. *sigh* The only downside to the weight loss is I lose my boobs, yet another *sigh* Oh well for now I guess Im just going to try to play with Karmin more, maybe me and Wh could go walking at night after he gets off work. And we could take the dog. Kill two birds with one stone! We will see how that goes! Wish me luck!


  1. Welcome to SITS love! Maybe you could start exercising and eating healthy. I know that helps me when I start putting on the lbs. Take care sweetie!

  2. Welcome to SITS you little youngn'! Hope you enjoy the blog world!

    Hope to hearf rom you on my blog:

  3. oh yea, I forgot to tell ya...I am from Kentucky too....but am now married and living on the North Carolina Coast.

    Kentucky Girls {{ROCK}}