Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Im on the verge

Of going crazy!

I cant sleep, and its pushing me toward some "help"(*cough cough* sleeping meds)! I hate the thought of taking anything, but I need some sleep! I'm so sick of staying up hours upon hours tired as can be but just cant fall asleep!! Its driving me nuts, let alone the fact that WH is about to suffocate me with a pillow if I don't quit waking him up to keep me entertained until I can go to sleep! Hes really not so happy about that.. and personally I think its funny!

Speaking of sleep, I think Karmin could sleep thru anything... unless I get up and move! I swear that dog sleeps all day long, and yes I am a bit jealous of the fact that she gets sleep and I don't! Just yesterday I was sitting on the couch watching TV and her big butt decides she needs the whole couch, so she proceeds to take her feet and push me off the couch. Shes done the same thing to my mother. Which is quite funny since my mother is not a dog person, and she really doesn't like big dogs... muahhahahah... so much for that Karmins huge, at 7 months she weighs like 75-80 lbs and is almost as tall as me when I stand her on her hind legs. Ahh the joys of having a part dog part - part horse for a pet! LOL!!

Anyways, since I'm pretty sure I wont be getting any sleep for awhile(I know I said drugs, but I barely take Advil for a headache) I guess that I'm going to brush up on some new recipes, and try to find some way to make the bed more comfortable. Cause I'm pretty sure that's what is causing all the sleepless nights!

Oh and only 1 more day till my sister turns 30! And only 3 more days till White Water Rafting.. WOOHOO! Plus that's one whole day of WH having the house to himself, but I'm pretty sure he will go hang out with Captain America and JimBo. And he can watch his dorky TV show without me griping about it, yay no Gundam for me.. and trust me if you don't know what it is your lucky!!!

PS I found a really cute picture of my sisters and myself at Becks baby shower. So I thought I would share the glory of it and my sisters big belly!

Nay, Beck, Emmy, and myself!
oh yea and baby Jessie in the belly!


  1. Great pic stopping in from Sits roll call to say hi
    water rafting wow sounds like a blast

  2. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great time white water rafting! I'm going next weekend. Cannot WAIT! We go every year (but had to skip last year...they don't let pregnant people raft hehe). I'm going to have to look through your blog for pics of your doggie. Great Danes are soooo gorgeous! I see that you're going to get married soon. Congratulations and best of luck with that!!