Monday, June 15, 2009

Pulling Engines and Skanky girls, What a weekend!

So over the weekend I help my WH pull his engine out of his truck. OMG what was I thinking offering to help.. I know absolutely nothing about trucks. OK, well I can change/check my oil, and my tire, and put some gas in it, thats about it! I think I had a mental moment, and totally lost my mind. I helped forever, and then the usual me got bored, so I grabed a book and watched him finish unbolting everything while I read. Yay me for at least being there for him. Besides I think I mostly got in the way! After the thing was out and they, they being my grandpa and him, were putting it on the engine stand, I went back to the house. My part was finished, and I had to cook.

The day before yesterday.. Saturday I went and had a mini girls night/day. WH had one of his buddys over and he was suppost to be helping him pull the engine, as you can tell he didnt do crap but get in the way, but I digress. I went and hung out with KAM and her little sister. We swam and I made my wonderful Cream Cheese Cookies. Then ALJT came over cause her hubby was out with the guys and we proceeded to gossip about who we graduated with is prego, which is ALOT! My town is totally having a baby boom. Anyways, while we are gossiping(I was mostly listening... I already knew all of those who were named) KAM checked her myspace. A mutal friend of ours is dating the really skanky girl. Im not normally one to judge, but when she ruined my last relationship because she said that the guy I was with was her baby daddy and put me thru 9 months of hell, only to find out that he was a really shitty guy and totally NOT the dad! Now she is putting KAM thru the same thing(same baby.. she still doesnt know who the father is, its really really sad, I feel sorry for the poor little guy)! So she checked the guys myspace and he had a comment conversation between him and the skanky girl on there. it went something like:

Him: Whos Be***?

Her: Oh shes Hu***s grandmama, shes MWW mom. Yeah I know what your thinkin

Him:Oh, is he the dad?

Her: No. I told you that his dad doesnt come around, its best that way.

WTF. She just said N-O PERIOD! why the hell is she doing this to KAM, I know me and her havent always been like we are now, but WTF shes still my bestie, and probably will always be. I know what shes going thru, hello she did the same damn thing to be, but KAM is kinda lucky! She didnt have the whole waiting for the baby to be born to find out anything. Their DNA test will be done like the 25th of this month. Im so excited for them. I know its not her mans, hes to head over hills for KAM to have messed around. And like I said that girl is skanky. OH and to top it off, another mutual friend is getting tested by the same girl, on the same day. I gues Karma bite her in the ass!

Anyways Karmin did the CUTEST thing the other day, I was giving her a kiss and I took a picture while I was doing it and she made the funniest face.

I swear she loves her mamas kisses, even though this doesnt show it! LOL

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