Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Theres no place like home

Cue the Wizard of Oz music and my lovely sisters reciting the rest of that scene.

But seriously I am so glad to be back home. My how I have missed thee! One thing I have learned though, when I decided to have children I dont really want big age gaps. But I guess whatever happens right!?

Ok so for the funniest quote of my little trip to the in laws house. I have to give you the background story on it, Em is 4 years old. and she hates storms. The whole time I was over there it would storm off and on. So yesterday, during a really bad thunderstorm Em decides shes freaking out

Em: Im scared sissy
Me: Its ok hunny I wont let anything happen to you
Em: Well I dont see how you can protect me!
Me:*fighting back the laughter* Im sure that I can protect you
Em: *rolls eyes at me* Ohhhkay, if you say so... *proceeds to be attached to my hip/leg*

Ahhh so cute!
So all in all I had a good time, Karmin on the other hand slept most of the time because the girls think that she is a doll. And all I got from Karmin was the "how can you let them do this to me" look. Which made me laugh more. The good thing is Karmin knows shes very loved over there!

P.S. Im super excited for this comming weekend! I get to go white water rafting!!! Nay is turning 30 the 25th of this month. Or in 2 days! God love her! Shes stressing out about it. She orginally wanted to go skydiving, but since none of us jumped at the chance, Emmy said well what about indoor skydiving! Well they looked it up, and for about 5 mins, it costs over $40. Which according to her aint worth that! So she decided on white water rafting. So me, Emmy, Beck, and Nay are going saturday! And Captain America and JimBo get babysiting duty!

OH and I just found out that 2 more of my friends are getting married, and one more is having a baby! Yay for the baby boom in L-Town!


  1. White water rafting is a great choice and should be lots of fun. I've only been once or twice back when I was a bit younger, and loved it. Enjoy! I'm popping over from SITS roll call. Happy Tuesday.

  2. you're right..there is NO place like home.... just stopping by from SITS to say hi!

  3. home. ah home! I love it here! But I miss the fiance so much :) Thanks for stopping by my site lady and for adding my button!! When is the big day?! How exciting!! I can't wait to see pics! Have a happy wednesday and talk soon!

  4. Well if by "big day" you mean my wedding. I dont know just yet. I know what day I want to get married on its Nov 1st. just havent set the year yet. but more than likely it will be next year or the year after. Im such a planner, so I OCD about everything. But I should have more pics soon from hanging out with the family, and of me and WH. And no problem, those blueberry muffins made my mouth water!!