Monday, August 3, 2009

Weird Sleep

OK I know you have crazy dreams when your prego. But no one ever clued me in on almost none of them making sense. Last nights however made perfect sense. I don't EVER want my baby to be kidnapped, and I will kick anyones ass who does, and if your a certain girl who Ill just call cornfield and you come anywhere near my baby I'm going to scream! Okie Dokie!


OK I know most of your are going WTF is she talking about. So Ill explain. In my dream my darling little baby got kidnapped at the grocery store... along with all my groceries. Cornfield was the one who took my baby, along with one of her nasty men. And to make it worse she was BREASTFEEDING MY BABY! But I got my little one back because WH kicked some serious ass!

I hope no more dreams like that. I much prefer the ones where they make no sense!

In other news.. I'm still having morning sickness problems. I know certain things will make me feel sick, but no one ever said that just the thought of something will make me puke my guts up! And no one ever told me that nausea can last 24/7 or that you can puke when you havent eaten or drank anything! YUCK! But its so worth it. In a few short months I get to see my little one and I know Ill forget everything that was bad about bring him/her into this world. Maybe thats why no one told me... they all forgot!

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  1. That's not good! I can't stand when I have strange dreams because I always wonder if they mean something. I hope your bad dreams go away as well. Hope the morning sickness passes.