Monday, August 24, 2009

Penis or Va-Jay-Jay

Personally I'm so hoping for a boy! There are a ton of girls in my family(4 girls with 2 boys, plus 3 nieces, plus 8 aunts and only 4 uncles) and Id love to have a bouncing baby boy. But what wins out is a healthy baby! If I have a girl that's less clothes Ill have to buy because of my big sisters baby girl. And I don't think Id worry so much about her getting someone pregnant as opposed to her getting knocked up. So there are perks.

In other news. I still have abnormal cells on my cervix, theres three main regions that need to be tested but have to wait until the baby comes. And after that I can go back to the same doctor to see if anything is cancerous. As long as they don't but that crap on my cervix again I think Ill be OK. Cause let me tell you that was NOT a very pleasant doctor visit. For one I got to see what the inside of my own Vagina looks like. Not really something I ever wanted to see. Then afterwards was the pain. O-M-G! I don't think I have ever, ever experienced pain like that. Not even when I hyper-extended my fingers and caused a hairlined crack in my knuckle. Not even when I tore some ligaments in my right shoulder(still have yet to get that fixed). And not even when I wrecked my four wheeler flipping it on top of me! These cramps were a nightmare. No a nightmares nightmare!! I was doubled over in pain in the middle of the grocery store! So not fun!

Oh and my lower back/ hip joint pain is only going to get worse. I talked to my doctor about it and the doctor says that it shouldn't really be happening this early in my pregnancy, but since it is there are some stretches I can try to do to ease the pain, and more than likely the pain will get worse the closer I get to delivery! Just my luck.

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