Thursday, August 27, 2009

I can tell September is coming!

My allergies are kicking my ass! And if they were kicking it any harder Id have to file assault charges against them! Oh My God! First I wake up with a little bit of a sore throat. No biggie! Then here comes the sinus drainage, yet again no biggie. But with in the last hour I have had a sinus headache with sinus pressure to boot that makes me feel like Ive shoved something up my nose! So right now I'm trying to find out what I can and cant not take for my allergies. I had a huge print out of the most common symptoms and the things you can take, but I have sadly filed it away with other baby stuff(my moms obsessed with scrapbooks)!

Some Randomness as usual!

Me and KAM went to Wal.mart with her mama and little sister yesterday. While her mom and little sister were shopping we went to look at some baby stuff and some things for her wedding. I found the cutest little jumper for a boy, it says "daddy's little handyman" across the front, and it looks like it has a little tool belt across the belly! Too Cute! Oh and for a girl I found the cutest little shoes for her and some Little Mermaid PJs! Too cute!!

I cant wait for October to get here, I really want to know what it is already!

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