Monday, July 27, 2009

My ER visit

So I have been really sick the past couple of days and I finally went to the ER yesterday when no matter what I ate, no matter what I drank it all came back up. I got 2 liters of fluid in my IV, plus 2 doses of Phengren, plus some blood work, plus a new RX for my vomiting. When my blood work came back my ER doc say that all my vomiting was caused by higher levels of hormones in my body than usual and that I needed to go see my OB sooner than my next scheduled appointment!

OK at this point I'm going over all kinds of things in my mind.
1) I hate going to the doctor, but its for my little bean, so no matter how many times they poke me and take my blood, and make me miserable it is so worth it in the end!
2) Higher levels of hormones. Wait one second. Doesn't higher levels mean multiple births. Does this mean I'm having twins.
3) Twins, Twins, Twins, Twins!

When I got home from the ER, after my 5 hours of being there, I went straight to sleep. In my opinion only my OB can tell me if I'm having twins, cause I have looked up higher levels of hormones until I cant anymore. And I'm not going to stress about two babies. If I am meant to have 2 then I will have 2. Right??!!

Please just please wish me luck with all of this.

OH PS. WH got an extened cab truck. So the baby/babies will have somewhere to sit even if they ride with him. Im so glad that I have one less stress on my list.


  1. Gosh, hope you're feeling better, and if it IS twins, good luck! BTW, SITS sent me over...and I'm having a giveaway where EVERYBODY wins, so please come on by!

  2. Fun! I wanted twins too, but didn't get them. My one is as wonderful as twins (wink)

    Stopping by to give a little blog ♥

  3. for you...