Friday, July 24, 2009

Eating for two?

Yea I'm trying to do that. I went to the doctor last Monday, the 13Th. My weight was 137 lbs. I went to the health dept this Wednesday. My weight was 137.3 lbs. WHAT THE HELL! I knew I had been sick. Like cant eat anything, nothing sounds good, never want to hear the word food again, sick!! But I cant believe I haven't put on more weight! So as of now I'm trying to eat all the time. Healthy eating mind you! Im snacking on Multi-Grain Jumbo Rice Krispies. Cheese. Fruit. But I still end up throwing my ever loving guts up at least 2 times a day. Which is WAYY better than the 38956349 times it was before! So wish me luck on keeping my food down, and getting my weight up!

1 comment:

  1. It must be difficult to get through the day feeling like that. Take good care of yourself and try to rest! :)