Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yea, 35/35!

I finally made it to 35 weeks/ 35 days left.

I never thought this day would get here.. but it feels like a week ago I was just finding out that I was prego! I cant believe that my little man could be here any day. The doctor said yesterday that I was 50% effaced and still about 1 cm. Which I honestly don't know is good or bad. But since the doctor said it was OK I'm going with that! I'm not on bed rest anymore, thankfully I don't know how much more of that I could take. And I'm not on the terbutaline anymore. So as my doc but it, "if baby come, he comes" They aren't going to do anything to stop him.

I really hope he goes to 37 weeks just for my piece of mind, and so every tom, dick and harry will shut the hell up! I know they mean well I honestly do but damn BTFO. If my doctor who has delivered more baby's then you have popped out of yours says 35 weeks is OK then by George its OK and I'm not going to stress about it. Ive done more stressing out over the he said she said crap that I'm about to go nuts. I know that everyone tells you to let it go in one ear and out the other, but when its your own family constantly tell you shit over and over its hard to just smile and thanks for the advice! The best one so far is from a child hood friends mom, she says "I'm excited for you that the doctor says he ready, but I sure do hope he stays in the over a little bit longer, that would be so much better for him you know." No I honestly didn't know that, I thought he could have been born anytime and would have been fine... GRRR! Sorry prego hormones flaring up.

Speaking of crazy prego hormones... I almost had my baby shower canceled. Why you may ask? I felt like i was being a burden on my sisters who are throwing it for me.. I felt like if I didn't stay prego until then that the baby shower would be for nothing and I felt like my sisters were only doing it because I'm the baby and they think I cant provide for my child myself! I know craziness but that's the way I felt for about a week. It really doesn't help when one of them says "well I guess that we can do this, or that, but I don't think that would be very good for the party." I don't want to seem ungrateful so I gave them full reign of the party.. the only thing I got to go to help is say what flavor I want my cake, and invite some people. So as my other sister put it so wonderfully, "if we didn't want to throw it for you, we wouldnt!"

I hope i can get these damn things in check soon or else Im going to go nuts!

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