Thursday, July 1, 2010

New baby, new life... new me!

Sooo.. let me tell you how awesome my life has been since my son was born!! My life will never ever be the same. Hes my love and my life and I'm so glad that the birth control failed and lead to him. But the devil called Post-Pardom Depression came into my life when he was born too. PPD is something that I never thought would happen to me. I mean yea i had a hard pregnancy, and I had a ruff two weeks after he was born. But I just thought it was due to the baby blues and having a hard time with breast feeding. But it got worse. I never left the house and when I did the baby was always en tow. Which I thought was what a mommy was suppose to do. No one told me to take time for not only myself, but time for WH too. No one told me that if I didn't things would just keep getting worse. And guess what... things got so bad WH left me. On. Mothers. Day. I shit you not. He packed up his stuff and left me on my very first mothers day. So WH isn't WH anymore... hes baby daddy. God I never thought at 19 Id have a baby daddy. Heck I never thought I would be a single mom either! Him leaving sent me even further into depression. The only reason I just didn't stay down in that dark pit like I wanted to was the fact that Alex depends on me. No one else is there take care of him, so its my job. And as stressful as that is, I wouldn't change it for the world!! But as I am still healing from the biggest heartbreak I have ever had I actually met someone. And he puts The Baby Daddy to shame. He takes care of me. He pampers me. He pampers Alex. He has put up with my craziness for the past 2 months. He holds me while I cry, and I dont mean the two or three tears fall type of crying. I mean the body shaking, snot pouring, screaming crying. He has watched me cry my eyes out over another guy and he has still stuck by me. Im not saying we are head over heels. Im not saying hes the one. But hes is doing one hell of a job putting my heart back together... and Im just going to pray that he doesnt finish smashing it!

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