Monday, November 2, 2009

Sad times mixed with good news

Well I found out over the weekend, Halloween day to be exact, that my granny Bee is going to die. She has cancer. Alot of cancer. She has it in her stomach, her liver, her pancreas, and its still spreading. So with so much of it theres no way the doctors could do surgery to get it, they would probably misss some and then theres the very high chance that because of her age she wouldnt make it thru surgery anyway. So the doc gave her 6 months to a year, and hopefully she wont have to be in pain.

And the good news in all of this. I wont have to be stressed out about where we live anymore. We are moving. I am so happy because I didnt want my baby to be here. (Theres drug activity around us, I just know it and I dont trust anyone in the neighborhood.) So its better for my sanity and my little one if we move, and praise the Lord to the highest he made it happen!!

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