Thursday, October 22, 2009

I hope Alex takes after daddy, and baby shower update

If he does then he will be one happy and very funny baby!

My Baby Daddy quote of the day is:

"Just check the DNA sample I left on there!"


Now back story on why he said this

I have an Avon party the I RSVP to about a month ago. Its from 7:00-9:00pm tonight. We are going out of town tomorrow night and we need to borrow his dads SUV because my sister Nay and Mama D are coming with us. I know doesnt sound very romantic, "hey baby you like that?" "Shh my sister will hear you!" HAHA But sadly no thats not why we are going out of town. We are going to Cincinnati, OH to Kings Island there for fright fest, Halloween Haunt, what the hell ever it is called. My other sister Em and Captain America plus Hay-Bug and Capt Jr. are coming too! Yeah I know a nice family outing. But Em doesnt ride rides and since Im handicapped from riding anything I get to spend some good quality time with my oldest sister and Mama D! Which makes me very very happy.

Anyways back to the main story(thank you ADD for getting me off track) Im supposed to go and see the Future-Father-In-Law and the Future-Mother-In-Law plus sisters in laws. FMIL wants to see my belly since it will be her and FFIL first grandbaby, let alone grandson! I tell WH I already have plans, to which this conversation comes

WH: Your going with me to pick up the SUV
Me: I have plans baby
WH: Dont make me pull rank, Im the baby daddy and I need you.
Me: *fit of giggles* your going to pull rank *another fit of giggles* and why do I have to go, its just picking up the SUV.
WH: Yeah but they want to see you, and yea Ill pull rank Im more important. Plus you can explain the ultrasound picks better than I can. Besides the "see the arrow, the arrow is pointing at his pecker"
Me: Well what time does dad get off work. *holding back laughter*
WH: between 7 and 8
Me: The party starts at 7. But I guess when we leave there you can take me
WH: that means I need to put the gas in it, and that takes gas
Me: She lives 5 seconds from our house.
WH: Still takes like a quarter in gas
Me: Ill give you the dang quarter
WH: from where, the change thing... most of those are mine
Me: I put money in there too ya know
WH: Yeah but most of them are mine, so you will probably pull one of my quarters out
Me: How would you know, do you have them labeled?
WH: Yep, Just check the DNA sample Ive left on there. *starts to laugh*
Me: I love you!

Now on for baby shower news, I have all the big stuff taken care of!!
The joys of having 3 older sisters who are all excited that Im having a baby, and are so willing to help me and WH out. The high chair, the bassinet, the baby seat, the stroller, the crib, the swing, etc. its all taken care of. Im so excited!

Oh and his name is Christopher Alexander Edward

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