Thursday, October 15, 2009

I so love the smell of Holidays in the air

Here we are getting ready to hit "The Holiday Season" head on. Halloween is just 16 days away, and just in case you are wondering Im thinking about being a pregnant Padmé ya know from Star Wars.. and WH wants to my either an evil Anikin or Darth Vader. He hasnt decided yet.

And no Im usually not this dorky, but God love my hunny he has rubbed off one me!

Then theres Thanksgiving which is 6 weeks away, and one of my favorites by the way! Who can not love a holiday that encourages you to over eat, and then eat some more! YUM Daddy Randy makes the best fried turkey anywhere. Plus on the up side, I can eat all I want and more and not look like a fat ass because Im expecting. HAHA Yay me! And I have so much to be thankful for this year. My wonderful baby daddy. My wonderful son. My wonderful family who has been there for me no matter what through out my life. I love them so much and I dont know what Id do without them

Then theres Christmas.

I love Jesus. I love him with everything in me. But excuse the heck out of me if Im the only person on the planet that doesn't enjoy Christmas. I love the celebrating of Christ birth. I love that aspect of it. But dear lord please forgive me if I do get a little tried of all those corny Christmas songs, and decorations that people start playing in Oct, and sometimes put up then too. If you are one of them... Im sorry if this offends you but YOU DRIVE ME NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the Christmas trees all decorated beautifully. But not before Thanksgiving! Thats my one rule!

Ill post again later with my "Thankful List" But right now Im starving, and the babys really want BLTS!

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