Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bad surprises during pregnancy

So as everyone knows your organs get shoved upwards to make room for the baby and your growing uterus. Well in my case in doing so it has aggravated mt gallbladder to the point of hurting. But why would it start hurting. Hippy Hooray I have gallstones. Even though I have never had a attack before they start now because of lack of room in my belly. I went to the ER Monday morning at about 12 AM. I thought I was going into Preterm labor. OH MY GOD the pain was bad. All around my stomach in my back, in my ribs, it made me short of breath. So it admitted me right away. Ran every test imaginable. And came up with nothing. They had no clue what could be causing the pain. A pulmonologist, lung specialist, came said well made you have a clot in your lungs. Ran a test, came back negative. They released me at about 4 pm Monday evening. So the next day I go and see my Doctor, he says made its your gallbladder. So I had that tested a couple of days later.
Thankfully they found gallstones.
Unthankfully they found gallstones.
Because now that means I more than likely will have to have surgery after Alex gets here. Unless something bad happens between now and then. Which since having a cervix over 25 puts you in the low risk category for pre-term labor, and mines a 46, Im praying that it stays that way until March 4th or so.

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