Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Putting your breast foot forward

Ok I know that wasn't a very good pun, but hey I tried! Lately I have been feeling a very strong move in my life, not only to get back into church but to be a more vocal person on the subject of breastfeeding. I honestly don't know how I could be any more vocal but I feel like I have got to do something. One of the ladies that goes to my church is an IBCLC, for those of you who do not speak breast it stands for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Shes one of the very few in my region of Ky. I feel a very strong pull to work with her, and the new mothers that deliver in our local hospital. I speak to mothers all the time that said they didn't get enough help at the hospital so when they got home breastfeeding was hard, so they quit. I never want to see a mother give up because she doesn't have the support she needs! And I never want to see a mother who really wants to breastfeed leave the hospital without getting the right guidance to help her succeed. I feel like working to help new mothers with this is my calling. I feel it deep in my soul. Have you ever felt something so completely that you just knew that's what you were meant to do?

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